North Norfolk, England’s hidden treasure

The majority of tourists who visit England go to London or the major cities, but England is so much more than just its cities.

My hometown of Ingworth, North Norfolk is one of England’s hidden treasures. Norfolk is located on the east coast of England and is around 3 1/2 hours from London and 1 hour from Cambridge.

Norfolk is a very picturesque rural county and unlike any other place in England. It  is deep in the English countryside and has a bit of everything, a big city (Norwich), beautiful beaches, the Broads National Park, countryside landscapes and amazing architecture.

One side of Norfolk is completely bordered by the North Sea and the coastline is home to some of England’s best beaches. Cromer is famous for its crab fishing- you can walk out onto the pier and cast crab lines and literally collect buckets full of delicious crab. Morston is a village located on the coast with a large seal population and you can take a boat trip to see the seals in their natural habitat.Other notable coastal towns are Blakeney, Sheringham, West Runton, Hunstanton, Wells and Hemsby and each has their own individual characteristics.

The Norfolk Broads is a network of navigable waterways stretching over 117 sq miles through Norfolk and Suffolk. The Broads is home to a number of small river-front restaurants and bars with outside seating and boat mooring available. You can do many activities on the Broads including: Sailing, water skiing, kayaking and rowing. The Broads has many companies which hire out boats for people to use and move to different places along the broads. The boats are big enough for a family to hire out and stay on for a week whilst visiting different parts of the Broads and enjoying the breathtaking scenery. The Norfolk Broads also run through Norwich,the main city in Norfolk which is known for its beautiful cathedral and castle.

The National Trust has many different properties and wildlife reserves within Norfolk including a number of large stately homes such as Blickling Hall, Wolterton Hall, Felbrigg Hall, Holkham Hall and Mannington Hall. These halls have all been preserved through time and offer tours of the inside and gardens. They are also used as venues for weddings, summer concerts and different activities throughout the year. 

The Queen also has a residence in Norfolk called Sandringham House (which you can walk around) and Prince William and Kate recently moved into a house near the Queen’s estate.


North Norfolk, England’s hidden treasure


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  1. Going to England is at the very top of my Travel list. Along with Iceland and Australia. This is a wonderful post! I’m going to keep North Norfolk in mind!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Australia is amazing too! Thank you for your kind words. North Norfolk should definitely be a must see. England is so much more than London and the big cities

  2. Yes London is probs the most well known place but there’s so many more cool places too! Cambridge, Norwich, Lincoln, York, Nottingham and so many more

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