Life is meant to be lived happily, if you aren’t happy change it

Everyone is unique with different interests, dreams and desires. Different things make people happy, different careers, people and hobbies. Happiness comes in many shapes and forms; achieving greatness, friends, family, jobs, pets and many more.

Although this is true many people forget to be happy, people get so caught up in routine that they forget to live. Routine takes over their lives, people get comfortable, in their careers, relationships and life, that they take things for granted. People sometimes settle for what they believe is right, what they think is acceptable and safe.

Everyone deserves to be happy and some people don’t even realise that they are unhappy, until they take themselves out of their routine. Breaking away from routine or the norm allows people to discover if they really are happy. Everyone should challenge themselves, remember what makes them happy and change if they are not happy with their current situation.

Travelling whether for a holiday, for a long period of time or just a weekend getaway, is the easiest way for people to think about things, break away from routine or society and help them discover what they wish.

Society forms many social norms for everyone to follow, what jobs people to should do, how they should live and how they should grow up. Society controls everything, the media, what people should believe about things and what they think is normal. People who break away from these social norms gain the biggest rewards. Travelling to another country, submersing in a different culture and meeting people with different views, allows people to have different experiences and new ideas on life.

Everyone believes moving on is scary, unsafe and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, new chapters are good, new people are good and a challenge is good. If people feel like their job isn’t challenging, they aren’t learning, they stare at the clock every second and they wish they were somewhere else. Then they should move on, if they have dreams, wishes and spend time thinking about what else could be out there then they should take the risk. Being comfortable is a lot more scary than taking risks, routine destroys people.

Happiness is the most important thing in life, in the end people shouldn’t look back and think what if, what if they had done this instead, would things have been different. Every choice a person makes defines them, people choose their own paths in life. They have the ability to change everything, if they don’t like the path they are heading down, then they have the ability to choose another road. Everyone has the ability to decide where they end up in life.

If a persons dreams and desires are to go travelling, then they should go. It will most definitely change their life, the people they meet, the experiences they have, fate happens anything can happen, it could lead to a completely new path. If someone doesn’t like their job, they should find another one, find something they love to do and go with it. If someones dreams are to run their own business, they should take the risk, gain experience and if it doesn’t work out, they tried, it wasn’t meant to be.

People will judge others on their choices and decisions, when people learn not to be influenced by what others think they can think clearly and understand what they truly desire. There is more than one way for someone to lead a successful life and no one has all the answers.






2 Replies to “Life is meant to be lived happily, if you aren’t happy change it”

  1. Wow . the best I read today. Earlier in wrote an article called “are you doing a right job ?” Now reading this I felt why everyone finds it difficult to understand what they love to do and what they are doing at present..
    Pretty straight forward that if u aren’t happy with what u r doing ,shift. Being happy is the ultimate goal

    1. Thank you for your very nice comment. Yes so many people get stuck and don’t even realise they aren’t happy. Being happy is definitely the ultimate goal!

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