7 Myths about travelling people always get wrong

Travelling has become popular over the last 5 years with more people taking gap years or just backpacking around countries. However travelling isn’t for everyone, either you have the desire to travel or you really don’t. The people who don’t travel don’t for a large number of reasons, many of these reasons are rumours, stories or media speculation. I have created this article to hopefully bust some of the myths that cause people not to travel.

1. Travelling is expensive 

Travelling is one of those things which can cost a little money or a large amount of money, it can be how expensive or cheap you wish it to be. You can stay in hostels or 5 star hotels, eat at high end restaurants or the locals’ favourite. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive- I have been to countries and spent less money than I would if I’d have been at home.There are countries which are more expensive than others; Europe, Australia and the Caribbean are expensive but Asia, Central and South America are significantly cheaper.

There are a number of ways in which you can travel for free; you can take a job working abroad and the company will pay for your travel, accommodation and meals (check out my blog post on a beginners guide to getting a job abroad for more information). You can also collect points and airline miles, the majority of travel companies offer an incentive for using their services. These points may give you free nights accommodation, free flights and other offers.
2. Travelling is dangerous 

I’m not about to say travelling isn’t dangerous because it can be, it can be dangerous when you haven’t done research on an area or when you are unprepared or not thinking clearly. Travelling can be really safe if you know the places not to visit, the parts of town which are dangerous, and if you keep your wits about you and don’t flash your person items to everyone on the street. Research and knowledge is the key to safe travelling, so make sure you prepare fully and you will be perfectly safe.
3. Travelling is a waste of time

Travelling is definitely not a waste of time, travelling teaches you about the world and different cultures and allows you to see opportunities you may not have known before. Travelling is also a good way to set your cv apart from others as it shows independence, communication skills, adaptability and many other skills. Travelling gives you opportunities to network, shows you different jobs available and lets you discover new ways of doing things.
4. I can’t do it

Everyone can travel, there’s no reason anyone shouldn’t be able to. People say they can’t travel usually because they don’t want to, the desire to and the ability to do something are two separate things. Many people don’t want to travel and have no desire to do it, which is fine, people have different interests and passions and not everyone is the same. Everyone has the opportunity to travel whether they take the opportunity or not is a different story.

5. Travelling alone is scary and lonely

Travelling alone can be scary and lonely but it can also be the best time, full of new friends. Everyone travelling wants to make friends, share experiences and have fun. It is easy to make friends travelling, in hostels, bars and other places everyone is looking for new friends and will talk to you. Travelling can be lonely but it can also be rewarding for you to spend sometime alone, to think independently and gain a new outlook on life.
6. I can’t travel alone because I’m a girl

Everyone can travel, there are very few countries which are unsafe for females to travel to alone but, as I said before, travelling is as safe as you make it, if you do your research you can be perfectly safe whether male or female and you will make friends easily so you won’t really be on your own.

7. I can’t leave my family, partner, friends or hometown 

Many people don’t have the desire to travel because they are scared to leave their loved ones which is perfectly fine. Some people like home comforts and their family around them but that shouldn’t be an excuse not to travel, everyone will still be there when you get back. Nothing will have changed and if they truly are your loved ones they would want you to go on adventures and explore the world.

So there you have it, everyone has the opportunity to travel and everyone should travel! Travelling isn’t scary, expensive or lonely, it can be cheap, fun and life changing. Want to kick start your travelling adventure follow this link for a chance to win a tour of your choice and get discounts off Life Before Work’s tours.


16 Replies to “7 Myths about travelling people always get wrong”

  1. I love your advice!!! Especially the point you made against traveling being a waste of time. I agree that traveling helps you find yourself, especially if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Maybe there answers you seek are just an adventure away…

    1. Thank you, always here to help! It does I feel like I have potentially learnt more travelling than at college! But different things, life experience, independence etc

  2. No problem! 😊
    Not at all, and more than that, I’ve always found traveling as a time to reflect, get to know people and other cultures, so in a way acquire knowledge!

      1. Yes!! I believe the same thing! Again, I don’t travel a lot or to to distant places, but when I go on road trips I just love experiencing and admiring the landscape! 😊

  3. Well said! Everything you described is point on! Travelling is never a waste of time and it’s ok just go on your own. As long as you act with caution, you can be perfectly safe even if you travel alone.

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