Discovering The Lost City, Colombia

Ever since I first arrived in Colombia I had always wanted to visit and explore The Lost City, I had been fascinated by the stories I had heard of the ruins of a city, deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains and the traditions and history which went along with it.

Thanks to Impulse Travel I finally got the chance to take on the challenge and discover what I had been missing. The Lost City was first discovered in 1976 by two Spanish explorers who accidentally stumbled upon the steps leading up to the Lost City, proceeded to climb them and discovered the ruins. The Lost City was built by indigenous communities in around 700 A.D but was only lived in for a short period of time, before it was abandoned, when the tribes moved and set up their community in a different location.

Discovering The Lost City

To take part in a Lost City trek you have to go with an organized group complete with a guide. Over the years the tour has adapted and developed but to keep visitor numbers down and tours controlled, there is only a very limited number of local operators organizing and leading the treks. These local tour companies all have their own guides, translators (upon request), chefs and camps along the trek. While all these local tour operators essentially offer the same service there can be big differences between overall tour experiences.
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Being told I was crazy drove my desire to visit and move to Colombia

How being told I was crazy drove my desire to visit and move to Colombia

On one dreary grey English summer’s day I was sitting in the departure lounge of Heathrow’s Terminal 2 waiting to board a flight which would end up turning my whole world upside down. I was a mess of emotions but most of all I was overcome with fear and doubt. I was anxiously waiting to board my flight to Bogota, Colombia; in 11 hours I would be halfway across the world in a country that is well-known for completely the wrong reasons. 

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Transportation in Colombia – How to Travel from City to City

How being told I was crazy drove my desire to visit and move to Colombia

Colombia is a developing up and coming country in terms of business, culture and tourism. In 2017 Colombia was featured in a some travel publications as an ideal destination for travel in 2017, including; Lonely Planet and Travel and Leisure. While many people and companies encourage tourists to visit the country, many still don’t know much about how to travel around the country or where to visit. Transportation in Colombia has dramatically improved over the last 10 years with new routes, companies and transportation links being created monthly.

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How I Fell in Love with Colombia

On the 22nd November 2015 I first stepped foot in this new exciting, unforgettable country – Colombia. After being judged heavily and criticised for embarking on this trip, I forgot what everyone told me and fully embraced the country. It’s true you can never judge a book by it’s cover, you can also never judge a country by the media’s labels of it. I longed to discover more, was this country really how everyone perceived it or was the media’s impression just that an impression. ‘Only one who attempts the impossible, can achieve the impossible’ I like this quote, it shows that unless you try you will never know.

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